woensdag 30 september 2009

20 year old producer Robaco Bossá wins life changing experience

With nearly 2000 entrants and 20,000 voters, the winner has finally emerged from Defected’s ‘Your Music’ producer competition. Dutch youngster Robaco Bossá’s ‘Black Bird’ was a clear stand out track with the votes tipping the scale. A slick groove combined with some solid beat programming provides the winner to a hugely successful talent search!

More than 20,000 people registered to listen and rate the tracks and Robaco’s winning track ‘Black Bird’, is now receiving a mix down by No.1 selling artists the Shapeshifters and is due to be released on Defected Records as a Beatport exclusive.

You probably won’t have heard of Robaco Bossa until now, but we predict big things from the young Dutch producer. His winning track ‘Black Bird’ features a stuttering vocal sample, swirling breakdowns and a bumpy back beat and is cut from the same cloth as the former Beatport No.1, Gel Abril’s infectious deep house number ‘Spells of Yoruba’.

"Congratulations to RB; it’s a great track and we really hope that it is the start of something big for him." the Shapeshifters.

Above: Hard Soul and Chocolate Puma greet newcomer Robaco Bossá.

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